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Natural Minerals


1. What is your minimum order quantity?

Our MOQ is 5,000 units on most items.  Some customized packaging may also require higher minimums at 10,000+ units.

2. Can we split the minimums over several products?

Minimums quoted are per SKU or per variant.

3. Do you charge for R&D?

R&D costs vary depending on the nature of the product and project.  Contact PLS to find out more about our R & D capabilities and costs.

4. Who are some of the other companies you manufacture for?

Your confidentiality is very important to us. As much as we would love to talk about the many exciting and innovative products we have developed for some of the most prestigious natural and organic lines in the marketplace, we do maintain our partners’ privacy.  We keep the Private in Private Labeling!

5. Do you provide labels / components?

Yes – we are a full service, turn-key factory. Our knowledgeable team will provide suggestions on what labels / components will work best for your project.

6. Can I provide my own packaging / labels?

In most cases, it is best practice to have PLS order your packaging, as we have reliable suppliers whose packaging is compatible with our tooling and equipment.  On occasion, and for certain projects, customers may choose to provide their own labels and components.  (Contact us to find out what is possible.)

7. Can I give you my formula to use?

Yes.  Please note, on some formulas, there may be R & D fees applied.  We also have to ensure that formulas meet regulatory standards.  Contact us to find out more information

8. Is there a fee to have your formula certified organic?

Yes.  We can certify to both the NOP (USDA) and NSF organic standards and both certifications have related fees.

9. Do you provide point of purchase display options?

We do not assist in the development or creation of marketing and sales materials.  We do, however, have many established relationships with vendors and can point you in the right direction.

10. Can you send us unlabeled units of product in bulk?

We can ship unlabeled products provided it does not carry any claims such as Certified Organic or OTC. If your product does carry these claims, we only ship to facilities that are registered with the FDA and are compliant with all federal requirements. In the case of certified organic products, the facility must be an NOP certified handler.

11. Do you manufacture SPF products?

Yes, we are an OTC facility and we do manufacture SPF lip, face and body products.  Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

12. Can you ship my order on a pallet to a warehouse / distribution center?

Yes.  We are supply chain experts and also have experience with specific packouts and pallet configurations.


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