Organic Sunscreen Manufacturer

Private Label Select is an FDA Registered facility. We are SPF experts! Private Label Select manufactures some of the most popular and effective NSF Organic SPF products on the market. We implement in-house testing in our lab on every batch that leaves our facility, as well as the FDA regulated OTC testing for Broad Spectrum claims. International claims are also available.

SPF 15, SPF 30 Lip Balm

Made with the finest natural and certified organic oils and waxes, our SPF lip balm formulas are available with either traditional UVA and UVB sunscreens or with zinc oxide sunblock for FDA approved Broad Spectrum protection. Full range of testing services available for the ultimate confidence. Available in sticks, jars, tins and tubes. NSF Certified Organic and Vegan formulas available.

SPF 30 Face Stick

Non-toxic SPF 30 formula made with non-nano zinc oxide provides tested sun protection in an easy to apply propel / repel stick. Available in round and oval propel / repel sticks. NSF Certified Organic formulas available.

SPF 30 Lotion

Non-toxic SPF 30 formula is formulated with non-nano zinc oxide to provide Broad Spectrum sun protection. Certified organic oils moisturize and hydrate the skin.  Available in squeeze tubes. NSF Certified Organic formulas available.